Weilerswist 2021: What has happened so far

Gathered again at last

New board elected

The new board from left to right:
Katharina Billstein (representative of the comprehensive school), Irmtraud Schmidt (deputy chairperson), Janice Kox, Karlheinz-Proenen, Tanja Kircher, Ulrich Horst (chairman), Valérie Vivienne Nitsche, Danuta Kolter (deputy chairperson), Karl-Heinz Nauroth, Bernd Folkmann (managing director), Jörg Molitor (treasurer), Anna Katharina Horst (representative of the administration and mayor of the municipality of Weilerswist).

Everyone was thrilled that a general meeting could finally take place again on 19 November, after it had to be cancelled last year due to corona. Even though it took place under strict 3G rules and with a lot of distance in the forum of the comprehensive school - the atmosphere was excellent. Also because the evening traditionally ended with drinks, baguettes, cheese and lots of conversation. Speaking of drinks: This time we served apple juice, which was pressed by the association "edible community" from Weilerswister scattered fruit (available there for a donation).

But first, Chairman Ulrich Horst gave an overview of the activities of the last two years, which was rather short due to the pandemic. Most recently, the autumn hike in the Eifel was a great pleasure for all participants (see below).
Treasurer Jörg Molitor gave an overview of the solid financial situation of the partnership. It was also pointed out - to great applause - that a considerable sum had been donated to our partner organisations in Carqueiranne and Whitnash for the Weilerswister flood victims.

Now the election of a new board, due every two years, was on the agenda.
Fortunately, almost all previous board members stood for re-election. And in place of the two retiring assessors Simone Spicale and Wolfgang Adenau, there were even three new ones: Tanja Kircher, Valerie Nitsche and Karlheinz-Proenen. Their willingness to work on the board was very positively received, and they were confirmed as new board members without any dissenting votes, just like the previous active members.

Finally, there was a lively discussion about the planning for next year (see above). The Spanish evening with delicious tapas and guitar music with Tierra Negra will definitely take place - if possible in March. All tickets already purchased remain valid.
In particular, however, it was about the trip to Carqueiranne planned for April. The participants will be asked in January. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that this time the trip will not fall through because of the Corona situation!

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Finally on the road together again

With the PG around the Kakushöhle

 Even the weather played along on the last day of October: Although the sun was scarce, it was dry and not too cold.


Throughout the year, club activities were frozen due to the corona pandemic. The more than 30 participants were all the more pleased that the current health situation allowed an autumn hike again.


This time – due to the flood damage – we did not go to the traditional red wine hike to the Ahr. Instead, one of the new "Eifel loops" was targeted: "Around the Kakushöhle". This impressive, much admired rock formation south of Mechernich was the starting point of the hike. It led 8 kilometers on autumnal forest and field paths over gentle Eifel heights with magnificent viewpoints.

Two leisurely breaks gave the opportunity for the long-missed chats and to exchange about the experiences of the past year. As with the red wine hikes, many participants had brought small snacks, and even some bottles of Ahrwein contributed to a relaxed atmosphere.


After three hours, everyone arrived a little tired, but safe in the restaurant "Feytal" in Eiserfey, where everyone could strengthen themselves at will before the drive home.

Honored politician and co-Founder of the twinning died

Whitnash mourns the loss of Tony Heath

As the chairman of the whitnash twinning association, Alistair Macfarlane, tells us, the co-founder of our partnership with Whitnash, Tony Heath, passed away on September 23 after a long illness. He had many friends in Weilerswist and always felt at home here.

He served on the Town council for Whitnash for decades, also as a district councillor and mayor in 2001 and 2007. Current and former councillors, Whitnash administration staff and all those who have met and worked with him over the years mourn his passing.


The Twinning association Weilerswist also expresses its deepest sympathy to his wife Jenny and the whole family on this sad occasion.

Link to the official obituary of Whitnash Town Council: https://www.whitnashtowncouncil.gov.uk/cllr-tony-heath/


Follow-up to the flood disaster

Municipality of Weilerswist thanks Whitnash and Carqueiranne for donations

Our partner organisations in Carqueiranne, France, and Whitnash, England, were also shocked by the extent of the devastation caused by the floods in Weilerswist. In order to contribute to alleviating the damage from afar, both associations started a fundraising campaign and each transferred a considerable sum to the municipality for the flood victims.

In an identical reply, the mayor, Anna Katharina Horst, expressed her gratitude:

Many thanks for the great financial support!


In the night of 14/15 July 2021, we were hit by the storm "Bernd" with unimaginable force. Equally unimaginable was and is the great willingness to help that reached us from near and far. You, too, have helped the people who were hit hard by the storm with a generous donation.

On behalf of the citizens of Weilerswist, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
The donations received by the municipality of Weilerswist were disbursed at the beginning of November 2021 according to criteria set with political representatives.

We still have a long and rocky road ahead of us.
But living solidarity makes us strong here on the ground!

With kind regards
Anna-Katharina Horst

Flood Disaster

Weilerswister was not spared either

Die Swist am Ortsausgang nach Brühl
Die Swist am Ortsausgang nach Brühl

The immense masses of water in the Erft and Swist rivers have flooded houses and roads; in the villages of Metternich and Vernich, but also in the core town of Weilerswist, residents had to be evacuated. Roads and bridges have been washed out or broken in many cases and some of them are still impassable. Some members of the partnership have also been affected by flooded cellars or worse.

Fortunately, no one in Weilerswist drowned or lost their lives in the floods. Nevertheless, many citizens lost all their belongings and their homes and had to be accommodated in emergency shelters.

For several days, our fellow citizens were without electricity, internet and, in many cases, without mobile phones and thus without any means of communication. Ancient radios had to be made functional with battery power; otherwise, the latest information was only exchanged verbally on the street among neighbours. Fortunately, the drinking water supply has remained largely intact.

Rescue and disaster relief workers have rushed in from all over the state of NRW and other federal states and have significantly relieved our local fire brigade and the Red Cross.

In the meantime, the clean-up work is progressing. Citizens have emptied their houses and cleared their destroyed household goods for removal to the street. Mountains of rubbish are stored temporarily and have to be removed.

Happiness and misfortune are very close together here and everywhere in the region. Some people are deprived of their livelihood, others who live only a few hundred metres away are hardly affected by the disaster.

Many people have come to pitch in and help with the clean-up. Donations in kind for the initial need have been received in large quantities and are no longer necessary. In the meantime, the main problem for those affected is the replacement of food, clothing, household goods and furniture or even living space. The municipality of Weilerswist has help available for these cases, which can be found on the Internet at

The municipality of Weilerswist has also set up a donation account into which amounts of money can be deposited for the flood victims:
       Gemeinde Weilerswist
       Kreissparkasse Euskirchen
       IBAN DE22 3825 0110 0001 5000 16
       Intended purpose "Hochwasseropfer Weilerswist".

Little by little, life is coming back to our region. It will take years to restore everything, but with great effort and perseverance we will succeed.

We wish all those who have lost their belongings in this flood disaster courage, confidence and a speedy return to a more carefree everyday life!

From our twin town Whitnash we received the following letter on the flooding from the chairman Alistair Macfarlane:


Good morning Janice and thank you for your email updating us on the serious problems you are all facing in Weilerswist and the surrounding areas. As has been demonstrated, it is a disaster area and I hope the federal government can assist in restoring damaged homes and the local infrastructure. On a personal note, it is those that have lost personal treasures and belongings which can never be replaced. My heart goes out you all and am praying that life returns to near normal in the not too distant future. I know you have a wonderful community spirit and this will help towards achieving this end.


So stay safe and well and I wish you and all your family as well as our friends in Weilerswist our very best wishes for the future. Love and blessings



The Queen honours the chairman of the twinning group of Whitnash with a Maundy Gift

Alistair Macfarlane receives prestigious honor for his service to the local community

 Alistair Macfarlane, who has lived in Whitnash since 1969, said, “You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told I had been nominated to receive a Maundy Gift from Her Majesty The Queen.”



Each year, at the Royal Maundy Service, The Queen recognises and gives thanks for the work done by countless people for the wellbeing of their neighbours; work that has often been taken for granted or hidden.  The service this year was to have taken place in Westminster Abbey on 1 April, and Alistair had been chosen to be one of the recipients of a Maundy Gift.  However, due to current Covid restrictions, the service was unable to go ahead, and the gift was accompanied by a personal letter from The Queen instead.


The Maundy Gift comprises a collection of specially minted silver coins.



Alistair had previously received a Campaign Service Medal for his service in the Royal Air Force in South Arabia during the 1960s.   This Maundy Gift was given in recognition of his service to the local community over many more years.


He is a regular volunteer of the local Foodbank and the Seniors’ Lunch, an active member of St Margaret’s Church and the chair of the Whitnash Twinning Association.  He is well known and much liked in the community, and he acts as an informal taxi service for several older people who might otherwise be housebound or unable to get out and about.  His community mindedness has shown itself consistently for many years.


Alistair said:


Receiving the Maundy Gift is a great honour, and my family and I are absolutely delighted.  I love helping people, and I can’t believe that I’ve received this great honour for doing something that I enjoy so much”




Further information


The Royal Maundy is an ancient ceremony, inspired by the Bible.  On the night he was betrayed Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and commanded them to ‘Love one another’. By the thirteenth century, the Royal Family took part in similar ceremonies on Maundy Thursday. Henry IV started a new Maundy Thursday tradition of giving the same number of gifts as his age. For example, when he was forty he gave forty gifts. Charles II started giving out coins and the tradition of giving coins has remained.


Recipients of Royal Maundy are elderly men and women, chosen because of the service they have given to their community or the church.  Usually there is a service in a cathedral to hand out the money. At the ceremony, the monarch hands each recipient two small leather string purses. A red purse contains ordinary coins and a white one contains silver Maundy coins, amounting to the same number of pence as the monarch’s age.  Due to Covid restrictions this year the service couldn’t take place and the money was posted to the recipients.


Continuing vandalism on the boules court

Again willful destruction and damage

The chairman of the Boule Club reports on the current situation:


At last, we had fenced off the area of the barbecue hut with a construction fence in order to prevent entry and contamination.


On my Easter walk I noticed that parts of the construction fence were cut out in order to get back into the interior of the barbecue area. A piece of the cut wire was also pressed into the lock on the front door of the club house. If the lock is permanently damaged - after repeated attempts - the damage to the locking system with approx. 30 keys is at least 1000 euros.


We, the Boule Club, no longer see ourselves in a position to cope with the damage, noise pollution and constant littering of the boules area. Personal conversations, first in a friendly tone, and later with the request to leave the place immediately, are only useful as long as someone is on the place. It usually takes less than 15 minutes after leaving the square and the youth gatherings continue.


My understanding for the young people, also taking into account their current difficult situation, tends more and more towards zero, since it is a matter of willful damage to property and one can no longer dismiss it as a "rascal prank". All in all, the question arises for me: what else can we do? I also wrote to the community last week and asked how they feel about fencing in the entire area.

We mourn Artur Brenig


Long-time former board member has died

After a long illness, Arthur Brenig died at home with his family at the end of May. From 2003 to 2015 he was active on the board of the PG and was responsible for public relations.

Artur Brenig always put people in a good mood in his cheerful way. He liked to use his computer skills for the partnership company. At that time, that was pretty much uncharted territory for many on the Executive Board. Above all, he took a lot of photos early on with a digital camera and archived the club's photos very conscientiously - the current public relations officers still draw from this today.

He was 78 years old and left behind his wife Heidrun and a son.
We are glad that Artur was able to say goodbye to his long illness in peace.

Christmas letters ...

... from Weilerswist:

The Twinning Association here in Weilerswist wishes all our friends in Whitnash and everywhere a peaceful Christmas and all the best for the new Year.
As years draw to an end, it is usually a  time to reflect on the past events and what the year brought us. 
Unfortunately, this year the Corona Virus did not allow us many events to reflect on!
  •  In January before the pandemic started we had a lovely New Year's walk in the woods nearby. 
  • As the visit from our Whitnash friends and hence the German-English evening never happened, we managed, instead, to hold an "English Tea Time" in September. A small event in accordance with the Corona regulations. 
  • And in October we had the annual "Red-Wine Walk" through the vineyards in the Ahr Valley.
  • These events were extremely pleasant as they gave us chance to meet and talk to friends that we otherwise hadn't been able to see.
Unfortunately all our other events - summer festival, trip to France as well as a concert under the motto "Spanish Night" - although completely organised - had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.
It has been a very difficult year - the whole world over. And we believe our problems are not over yet!  We, too, are now back in a national lock-down lasting at least up to the 10th January; but figures are still rising....
We hope that you, our friends in Whitnash are all well and bearing up.
Though from what we hear, things are not looking good in England either with a new mutation of the virus causing havoc in the south and spreading quickly. Then to top it all, Brexit now on the horizon with no deal in sight. Everything pretty dismal! :-(   
It's probably too much to hope that Brexit won't happen, but let's hope, at least, that 2021 sees a u-turn in the course of this pandemic, so that life can get back to something like normal!
Wishing you all the best and hoping that we do get to meet in 2021!
Take care!


Photo taken in a private garden in Weilerswist-Lommersum, Dürener Straße, Germany

... from Whitnash:

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of or friends in Weilerswist!


Good morning from Whitnash which is now part of a very different World thanks to Covid 19, here in Whitnash we have done our best in these trying times with most people following the new rules that govern our lives, I presume in your home town the world seems a little different as well.


This is my 2nd term as Mayor of Whitnash I am looking forward to a challenging 18 months, yes in these times even the Mayoral term has been extended by 6 months, which will hopefully allow me to either welcome you to Whitnash and/or for me to pop over and see you all in your home town in the better times to come.


I am writing this note just after our Remembrance period, many years ago I was given a German/UK pin badge, and during these services of remembrance I wear this badge with pride, I am a great believer in forgiveness and reconciliation and I believe the twinning organisation is an integral part of the friendship not only between our 2 towns but of our 2 nations, during the past few years many twiners & students from Weilerswist have stayed with Cathy and myself and we have enjoyed every minute, very fond memories.



Christmas is a time for the family and to remember the birth Christ, enjoy your time together and in remembrance of a small baby, a crib a stable and a donkey.


Whitnash has missed the twinning visits this year and there is no Birmingham German market for us to enjoy your Beer and Bratwurst Sausage.


So keep your Beer cold and your Bratwurst hot and we WILL see you all in 2021.




Cllr Adrian Barton

Mayor of Whitnash

Weilerswist 2020: What has happened so far

Dieses Mal schon Anfang Oktober:

Rotweinwanderung an der Ahr

Dieses Mal gab's beides: Nach etwas Regen nach dem Start an der Winzergenossenschaft in Dernau ließ sich dann doch später die Sonne wieder blicken und verwöhnte die bunte Wandergruppe mit einem schönen Regenbogen.


Gut versorgt mit ein paar Flaschen und leckeren mitgebrachten Snacks ging es in zwei Gruppen durch die Weinberge oder flach rund um Dernau an der Ahr entlang.


Nach gut 2 Stunden trafen sich dann alle wieder zur körperlichen Stärkung auf dem Weingut Riske, bevor es dann wieder  wieder zurück nach Weilerswist ging - per Bus mit Sicherheitsabstand den Corona-Regeln entsprechend.

Hoher Feiertag für den französischen Mitbegründer der  Partnerschaft zwischen Weilerswist und Carqueiranne

Armand Conan wurde am 12. Oktober 100 Jahre alt

Eigentlich sollte der Geburtstag mit ihm und einer Besuchergruppe aus Weilerswist in Carqueiranne gebührend gefeiert werden. Aber die Corona-Pandemie lässt es leider nicht zu - daher gratuliert die Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist e.V ihm auf diesem Wege sehr herzlich zum 100. Geburtstag!


Er hat sehr viel erlebt mit seinen 100 Jahren, und wenn Armand Anekdoten aus einem Leben erzählt, hören alle Anwesenden andächtig zu. Dabei brilliert er mit seinem trockenen bretonischen Humor.


Mit seiner Frau Madeleine ist er seit 1941 (über 79 Jahre!) glücklich verheiratet und hat zwei Kinder großgezogen. Unzählige Male haben beide Besuch aus Weilerswist empfangen und selbst Weilerswist besucht.


Als Pädagoge sah und sieht er immer die persönliche und die gemeinschaftliche Entwicklung als grundlegend für eine Gesellschaft an. Nicht nur die Schule konnte Armand Conan engagiert gestalten. Für seine Verdienste in Bildung und Erziehung wurde ihm 1986 der Orden „des Palmes Academiques“ verliehen. Als langjähriger Bürgermeister, von 1971 bis 1983, war er in der Lage, auch die Entwicklung seiner Heimatstadt Carqueiranne zu prägen.


Monsieur Armand Conan hat die Beziehungen zwischen Carqueiranne und Weilerswist maßgeblich mit aufgebaut. Ohne ihn wäre es nicht möglich gewesen, die Partnerschaft zwischen den Gemeinden Carqueiranne an der Cotes D’Azur in Frankreich und Weilerswist am 30.01.1978 zu gründen.


Von Gemeindedirektor Josef Esser, dem Beigeordneten Josef Breuer und Andre Foucault aus Weilerswist wurde Conan 1977 mit dem Wunsch nach einer Städtepartnerschaft angesprochen. Damals waren die Erinnerungen an die erschreckenden Bilder vom 2. Weltkrieg noch nicht erloschen. Er kämpfte engagiert im Widerstand gegen die Nazis. Sein Bruder Henri starb, weil bei ihm Anti-Nazi-Flugblätter gefunden wurden; er wurde von Hitlers Schergen am 30. Mai 1942 erschossen. Die prägenden Auswirkungen dieses Krieges waren auch der Grund für die Einsicht, etwas dafür zu unternehmen, dass der Hass und die Vorurteile zwischen den beiden Ländern Frankreich und Deutschland abgebaut werden. An seinem Beispiel wird deutlich, dass gerade die, deren Familien sehr unter den Kriegsgeschehen zu leiden hatten, sich für die Völkerverständigung engagieren.


Armand leistete eine Menge Überzeugungsarbeit in Carqueiranne, um seine Landsleute für den Bund mit Weilerswist zu überreden. Er kann stolz darauf sein, dass mittlerweile feste Freundschaften zwischen den Weilerswister und Carqueiranner Bürgern entstanden sind. Neben den regelmäßigen gegenseitigen Besuchen gehören Schüleraustausch und Praktikantenvermittlung zum aktiven Partnerschaftsleben: die Partnerschaft lebt!


Für sein Wirken im Sinne der Völkerverständigung und Frieden erhielt er anlässlich des zehnjährigen Bestehens der Partnerschaft im Jahr 1988 die Ehrenbürgerschaft der Gemeinde Weilerswist. Ihm zu Ehren wurde am 07.06.2014 der Platz in Weilerswist-Süd als Armand-Conan-Platz eingeweiht. Bis heute nimmt unser Freund Armand Conan auch mit 100 Jahren regen Anteil am öffentlichen Leben und unterstützt die Freundschaft zwischen den Völkern mit Ideen und Motivation für ein gemeinsames Europa.

Am 5. September war Whitnash-Tag:

English Tea Time in Weilerswist


 Was tun, wenn unsere Freunde aus Whitnash wegen Corona nicht zu uns kommen dürfen? Wir greifen eine Tradition unserer europäischen Nachbarn auf!

“It’s Tea Time” hieß es am 5. September 2020 bei der Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist. Bei einer gepflegten Tasse Tee, serviert mit Scones, Sandwiches, Shortbread und Fruitcake, trafen wir uns in der Aula der Gesamtschule. Limericks und eine Shortstory wurden auf Englisch und Deutsch vorgetragen. Natürlich durften einige Runden Bingo unter der Leitung von Janice Kox und Irmtraud Schmidt zum Abschluss nicht fehlen.

Der Abend klang gemütlich mit angeregtem Small Talk und einem Glas Sekt bei spätsommerlichen Temperaturen im Brunnenhof der Schule aus. Aufgrund der sehr positiven Reaktionen unserer Gäste wird die „Tea Time“ im kommenden Jahr wahrscheinlich erneut von uns veranstaltet werden.


Vom Bouleclub erreichte uns folgender Bericht der zweiten Vorsitzenden, Ulrike Sanders:

Zerstörungswut beim Bouleclub Weilerswist

Erneut müssen der Vorstand und die Mitglieder des Weilerswister Bouleclub rabiate, sinnlose Zerstörungen am Grillplatz hinnehmen.


Am Donnerstag, dem 13. August 2020 fiel zunächst ein zersplittertes herumliegendes Holzstück am vereinseigenen Sitzplatz des Vereinshauses auf. Auf der Suche nach weiteren Schäden wurde klar: man hatte versucht, die Stützpfeiler des überdachten Grillplatzes zu entfernen. Es war gelungen, mit brachialer Gewalt zwei tragende Pfosten heraus zu reißen. Ebenso war das am Hausgiebel zur Stabilität des Daches befestigte Metallscharnier aus dem Putz gerissen worden.


Des weiteren muss der Verein das abgerissene Regenrohr erneut ersetzen. Gar nicht zu sprechen von der Grafitti-Schmierereien am Haus. Alles Zerstörte wurde über den Zaun auf das angrenzende Bahngelände geworfen. Zusätzlich zu der Fassungslosigkeit und aufkommenden Machtlosigkeit kommen für die Vereinsmitglieder erneut erhebliche finanzielle Aufwendungen zustande, die der Verein bald nicht mehr tragen kann.


Man fragt sich wirklich, was in den Köpfen der Heranwachsenden vorgeht. Warum besteht diese innere Wut, die sich dann Bahn bricht in ausufernden Zerstörungsattacken? Es ist ja nicht so, als hätten wir nicht immer wieder Gespräche mit Kindern, Jugendlichen und älteren Heranwachsenden gesucht, sie eingeladen zum Kennenlernen des Boulesportes und zr Aufnahme in die Gemeinschaft.


Tägliches Müllsammeln und Beseitigen unschöner Verunreinigungen rund um das Vereinshaus sowie in der angrenzenden Grünanlage lassen uns Vereinsmitglieder wirklich verzweifeln. Und trotzdem suchen wir ständig den Kontakt und wollen nicht aufgeben. Aber wo bleibt der Respekt vor fremden Eigentum? Warum muss man das Leben in einer privilegierten Welt so mit Füßen treten? Was vermitteln Eltern ihren Kindern? Was tut die Politik vor Ort?


Die Probleme entstehen nicht am Nachmittag sondern in den späten Abend- und Nachtstunden. Zu dieser Zeit finden keine Kontrollgänge des Ordnungsamtes mehr statt. Der schöne Carqueiranner Platz mit seinen großen schattenspendenden Bäumen ist eine offene kleine Oase für Weilerswist. Muss diese Großzügigkeit einer hohen Einzäunung weichen? Ist das wirklich die letzte Lösung?

KEIN Familienfest zusammen mit dem Freundeskreis Weilerswist-Süd

Schade - viele fleißige Helfer und Unterstützer hatten schon fast alles vorbereitet:

  • Sportvorführungen von Judo und Wing Tsun
  • Showtanz mit "Schiff Ahoi"
  • Mitmachaktionen der Tanzschule Passion
  • Zirkus mit Halli Galli von der Gesamtschule Weilerswist
  • Travestie mit Charlène
  • Tanzvorführungen der Linedance-Gruppe
  • Cajon-Trommeln der Grundschule Vernich
  • Singen mit dem Kinderchor der Grundschule Weilerswist

Die Corona-Pandemie macht uns leider einen Strich durch die Rechnung.


Also: Freuen wir uns auf das nächste Jahr!

Wir trauern um Martin Depka  

Am 14. Februar 2020 erlag Martin Depka im Alter von 72 Jahren ganz unvermittelt einem Herzleiden.

Er war seit über 30 Jahren Mitglied der Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, ein allseits geschätzter Freund und bis zuletzt viele Jahre Vorstandsmitglied und zuverlässiger Kassenwart.

Wir sind sehr betroffen und wünschen seiner Frau und seinen Kindern viel Kraft in diesen schweren Tagen.

Er wird am Mittwoch, dem 26. Februar um 13 Uhr im Familiengrab in Ollheim beigesetzt.

Die Session nimmt Fahrt auf

Weilerswister "Dreigestirn" 2020 ist proklamiert


"Ich behaupte mal, gerade das glücklichste, emotionalste und authentischste Dreigestirn aller Zeiten gesehen zu haben!" So begeistert äußerte sich Simone Spicale, Vorstandsmitglieder der PG Weilerswist nach Besuch der Proklamation.


Am Sonntag, dem 5. Januar wurde das Dreigestirn des Vereins Miteinander-Füreinander Vernich für die Karnevalssession 2019/2020 proklamiert: Prinz Daniela I, Jungfrau Maria I und Bauer Daniel I.


Zur 40. Karnevalssitzung mit und für behinderte Menschen wurde damit ein ganz besonderes Dreigestirn zusammengestellt: Prinz Daniela I regierte die Jecke Gemeinde bereits 1999 als Prinzessin und 2012 in einem Prinzenpaar. Jungfrau Maria I und Bauer Daniel I tanzten sich in der letzten Session in die Herzen der Zuschauer.


Viele Besucher und Vereine sorgten für gute Stimmung und ein tolles Programm. Nach der erfolgreichen Proklamationsveranstaltung freut sich der Verein Miteinander-Füreinander Vernich auf die Jubiläumssitzung am Sonntag, dem 18. Januar. Weitere Information hierzu finden Sie auf der neu gestalteten Vereinshomepage www.miteinander-fuereinander-vernich.de

Ein guter Start ins Neue Jahr: Winterwanderung auf dem Swister Berg

Sonne und viele gut gelaunte Wanderfreundinnen und -freunde!


Der neue Vorstand hatte anscheinend einen guten Draht zu Petrus: Dieses Mal fand die traditionelle Winterwanderung durch die Ville bei bestem Wetter statt.

Mehr als 30 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer machten sich vom Swister Turm aus auf zu einer Route von rund 7 km. Es ging gemütlich durch den Wald zum Bliesheimer Kreuz am nördlichen Ortsrand, und dann wieder zurück zum Swister Turm. Die teilweise noch aufgeweichten Wege erforderten zwar robustes Schuhwerk, aber das störte nicht weiter bei den angeregten Gesprächen während der Tour. In der Hütte am Turm, die freundlicherweise vom Swister-Turm-Verein zur Verfügung gestellt wurde, wartete dann zur Stärkung eine kräftige Erbsensuppe mit passenden Getränken auf die müden Wanderinnen und Wanderer.