... Soon after the founding, enthusiastic members of the twinning would play boules together (a game played with a jack and iron balls) on Weilerswist's Deutscher Platz. This enthusiasm led to the founding on 10th April 1986 of the Boule-Club as a part of the Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist e.V..


In 1987, so that the sport could be played on a more suitable court, the Weilerswist municipality allocated to the twinning association a plot of land which was given the name Carqueiranner Platz. Since then, the sport has actively been played here in all weathers and the courts have even hosted international competitions.


In 1989, Weilerswist formed a second twinning with Whitnash, an English town with roughly 10,000 inhabitants located near Royal Leamington Spa and Warwick. This second partnership was established in Weilerswist on 25th August 1989 during a ceremonial public council meeting at the school hall. Once again, it would be the role of the twinning association to foster and promote this relationship.


The twinning association has since successfully arranged numerous meetings between the people of Weilerswist and the peoples of Carqueiranne and Whitnash, including trips by students, sportspeople, musicians and carnival groups, and established direct contacts between the associations. These trips offer the opportunity to get to know not only the most interesting places in each respective country, but also those of the local Weilerswist area. Thanks to joint celebrations and events, strong friendships have grown and still endure today. The twinning association has also helped to organise work placements in Weilerswist and its sister towns.


In addition to the exchanges between the twinned towns, the association of course also promotes a sense of community locally. To achieve this there is a New Year walk through the Villewald forest in January, a family fete on Armand-Conan-Platz together with our friends in Weilerswist Süd in June, and a red wine walk through the vineyards of the Ahr valley in October. Non-members too are always very welcome at these events.