Our aims

The twinning began in 1978 when the German municipality of Weilerswist twinned with the French commune of Carqueiranne and the Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist e.V. twinning association was formed. In 1989 we expanded by twinning with the English town of Whitnash. We are convinced that peaceful coexistence and borderless cooperation among the peoples of a united and conflict-free Europe are important to every one of us.


With this is mind, the twinning works to promote the concept of intercultural understanding through our programme of visits, exchanges and joint activities between Weilerswist and its sister towns. In doing so, we help to forge personal relationships, to bring people closer to different cultures and ways of life, and to develop a mutual understanding for that which at first seems foreign. And, of course, we learn and practise languages.


With almost 400 members, the twinning association is currently one of the largest associations in Weilerswist.

Executive committee


From left to right:


Ulrich Horst (chairman), Irmtraud Schmidt (vice chairman), Simone Spicale, Karl-Heinz Nauroth, Martin Depka (treasurer, deceased), Janice Kox, Bernd Folkmann (secretary), Anna Katharina Horst (mayor, representing the local government);

nicht auf dem Foto: Danuta Kolter (vice chairman), Katharina Billstein (representing the comprehensive school), Wolfgang Adenau