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The twinning began in 1978 when the German municipality of Weilerswist twinned with the French commune of Carqueiranne and the Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist e.V. (PG-Weilerswist) twinning association was formed. In 1989 we expanded by twinning with the English town of Whitnash. We are convinced that peaceful coexistence and borderless cooperation among the peoples of a united and conflict-free Europe are important to every one of us.

With this is mind, the twinning works to promote the concept of intercultural understanding through our programme of visits, exchanges and joint activities between Weilerswist and its sister towns. In doing so, we help to forge personal relationships, to bring people closer to different cultures and ways of life, and to develop a mutual understanding for that which at first seems foreign. And, of course, we learn and practise languages.

Coming activities in 2021


Corona-bedingt leider noch keine feste Planung für 2021

Wir hoffen aber das Beste - insbesondere, dass wir wieder unsere englischen und französischen Freundinnen und Freunde wieder treffen können!

noch offen

Spanische Gitarrenmusik & Tapas

noch offen


Herbst 2021


The Queen honours the chairman of the twinning group of Whitnash with a Maundy Gift

Alistair Macfarlane receives prestigious honor for his service to the local community

 Alistair Macfarlane, who has lived in Whitnash since 1969, said, “You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told I had been nominated to receive a Maundy Gift from Her Majesty The Queen.”



Each year, at the Royal Maundy Service, The Queen recognises and gives thanks for the work done by countless people for the wellbeing of their neighbours; work that has often been taken for granted or hidden.  The service this year was to have taken place in Westminster Abbey on 1 April, and Alistair had been chosen to be one of the recipients of a Maundy Gift.  However, due to current Covid restrictions, the service was unable to go ahead, and the gift was accompanied by a personal letter from The Queen instead.


The Maundy Gift comprises a collection of specially minted silver coins.



Alistair had previously received a Campaign Service Medal for his service in the Royal Air Force in South Arabia during the 1960s.   This Maundy Gift was given in recognition of his service to the local community over many more years.


He is a regular volunteer of the local Foodbank and the Seniors’ Lunch, an active member of St Margaret’s Church and the chair of the Whitnash Twinning Association.  He is well known and much liked in the community, and he acts as an informal taxi service for several older people who might otherwise be housebound or unable to get out and about.  His community mindedness has shown itself consistently for many years.


Alistair said:


Receiving the Maundy Gift is a great honour, and my family and I are absolutely delighted.  I love helping people, and I can’t believe that I’ve received this great honour for doing something that I enjoy so much”




Further information


The Royal Maundy is an ancient ceremony, inspired by the Bible.  On the night he was betrayed Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and commanded them to ‘Love one another’. By the thirteenth century, the Royal Family took part in similar ceremonies on Maundy Thursday. Henry IV started a new Maundy Thursday tradition of giving the same number of gifts as his age. For example, when he was forty he gave forty gifts. Charles II started giving out coins and the tradition of giving coins has remained.


Recipients of Royal Maundy are elderly men and women, chosen because of the service they have given to their community or the church.  Usually there is a service in a cathedral to hand out the money. At the ceremony, the monarch hands each recipient two small leather string purses. A red purse contains ordinary coins and a white one contains silver Maundy coins, amounting to the same number of pence as the monarch’s age.  Due to Covid restrictions this year the service couldn’t take place and the money was posted to the recipients.


Continuing vandalism on the boules court

Again willful destruction and damage

The chairman of the Boule Club reports on the current situation:


At last, we had fenced off the area of the barbecue hut with a construction fence in order to prevent entry and contamination.


On my Easter walk I noticed that parts of the construction fence were cut out in order to get back into the interior of the barbecue area. A piece of the cut wire was also pressed into the lock on the front door of the club house. If the lock is permanently damaged - after repeated attempts - the damage to the locking system with approx. 30 keys is at least 1000 euros.


We, the Boule Club, no longer see ourselves in a position to cope with the damage, noise pollution and constant littering of the boules area. Personal conversations, first in a friendly tone, and later with the request to leave the place immediately, are only useful as long as someone is on the place. It usually takes less than 15 minutes after leaving the square and the youth gatherings continue.


My understanding for the young people, also taking into account their current difficult situation, tends more and more towards zero, since it is a matter of willful damage to property and one can no longer dismiss it as a "rascal prank". All in all, the question arises for me: what else can we do? I also wrote to the community last week and asked how they feel about fencing in the entire area.

Christmas letters ...

... from Weilerswist:

The Twinning Association here in Weilerswist wishes all our friends in Whitnash and everywhere a peaceful Christmas and all the best for the new Year.
As years draw to an end, it is usually a  time to reflect on the past events and what the year brought us. 
Unfortunately, this year the Corona Virus did not allow us many events to reflect on!
  •  In January before the pandemic started we had a lovely New Year's walk in the woods nearby. 
  • As the visit from our Whitnash friends and hence the German-English evening never happened, we managed, instead, to hold an "English Tea Time" in September. A small event in accordance with the Corona regulations. 
  • And in October we had the annual "Red-Wine Walk" through the vineyards in the Ahr Valley.
  • These events were extremely pleasant as they gave us chance to meet and talk to friends that we otherwise hadn't been able to see.
Unfortunately all our other events - summer festival, trip to France as well as a concert under the motto "Spanish Night" - although completely organised - had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.
It has been a very difficult year - the whole world over. And we believe our problems are not over yet!  We, too, are now back in a national lock-down lasting at least up to the 10th January; but figures are still rising....
We hope that you, our friends in Whitnash are all well and bearing up.
Though from what we hear, things are not looking good in England either with a new mutation of the virus causing havoc in the south and spreading quickly. Then to top it all, Brexit now on the horizon with no deal in sight. Everything pretty dismal! :-(   
It's probably too much to hope that Brexit won't happen, but let's hope, at least, that 2021 sees a u-turn in the course of this pandemic, so that life can get back to something like normal!
Wishing you all the best and hoping that we do get to meet in 2021!
Take care!


Photo taken in a private garden in Weilerswist-Lommersum, Dürener Straße, Germany

... from Whitnash:

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of or friends in Weilerswist!


Good morning from Whitnash which is now part of a very different World thanks to Covid 19, here in Whitnash we have done our best in these trying times with most people following the new rules that govern our lives, I presume in your home town the world seems a little different as well.


This is my 2nd term as Mayor of Whitnash I am looking forward to a challenging 18 months, yes in these times even the Mayoral term has been extended by 6 months, which will hopefully allow me to either welcome you to Whitnash and/or for me to pop over and see you all in your home town in the better times to come.


I am writing this note just after our Remembrance period, many years ago I was given a German/UK pin badge, and during these services of remembrance I wear this badge with pride, I am a great believer in forgiveness and reconciliation and I believe the twinning organisation is an integral part of the friendship not only between our 2 towns but of our 2 nations, during the past few years many twiners & students from Weilerswist have stayed with Cathy and myself and we have enjoyed every minute, very fond memories.



Christmas is a time for the family and to remember the birth Christ, enjoy your time together and in remembrance of a small baby, a crib a stable and a donkey.


Whitnash has missed the twinning visits this year and there is no Birmingham German market for us to enjoy your Beer and Bratwurst Sausage.


So keep your Beer cold and your Bratwurst hot and we WILL see you all in 2021.




Cllr Adrian Barton

Mayor of Whitnash

Date still open:

Heiße spanische Rhythmen und leckere Tapas

Das Duo Tierra Negra kommt nach Weilerswist - sobald es wieder möglich ist!


Erstmalig hatte die Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist zu einem kulinarischen Konzert in der Gesamtschule Weilerswist eingeladen.


Der Abend sollte mit einem kulinarischen Leckerbissen beginnen:

Zwei verschieden Tapas-Platten von dem ortsansässigen Restaurant „El Rancho“ waren neben spanischen und internationalen Getränken zur Auswahl vorgesehen:

  1. eine große gemischte Tapas-Platte „El Rancho“ inkl. Brotbeilage oder
  2. eine Tapas-Platte mit spanischem Schinken und Käse inkl. Brotbeilage.

Nach dem Essen sollte dann der kulturelle Teil des Abends mit dem Konzert von Tierra Negra stattfinden.



Verschoben ist nicht aufgehoben!


Sobald es wieder möglich ist, soll die Veranstaltung wie geplant stattfinden - daher behalten die bereits gebuchten Plätze ihre Gültigkeit. Natürlich kann jeder auch jederzeit seine Reservierung zurück ziehen und seinen Eintrittspreis zurück erhalten.



Tierra Negra werden ihr neues Konzertprogramm präsentieren:


“Viva la Vida“.


Das bekannte Gitarrenduo spielt neue und bekannte Kompositionen voller Leidenschaft und Unbeschwertheit, die „Viva la Vida“ – die Freude und die Lust am Leben – als gemeinsames Motto haben.


Seit mehr als dreiundzwanzig Jahren sind die beiden Ausnahmegitarristen Raughi Ebert und Leo Henrichs poetische Wandler in musikalischen Traumwelten. Auf ihren Gitarren erzählen sie mitreißende Tongeschichten voller Emotion, Leidenschaft und Lebensfreude. Das Publikum erlebt zwischen hypnotischen Balladen und einem loderndem Rhythmusgewitter das gesamte klangliche Spektrum von Musik. Live und in höchster künstlerischer Präzision dargebracht – handgemacht und ehrlich, packend und emotional. Einfach unvergesslich!

... and the program 2020?

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