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The twinning began in 1978 when the German municipality of Weilerswist twinned with the French commune of Carqueiranne and the Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist e.V. (PG-Weilerswist) twinning association was formed. In 1989 we expanded by twinning with the English town of Whitnash. We are convinced that peaceful coexistence and borderless cooperation among the peoples of a united and conflict-free Europe are important to every one of us.

With this is mind, the twinning works to promote the concept of intercultural understanding through our programme of visits, exchanges and joint activities between Weilerswist and its sister towns. In doing so, we help to forge personal relationships, to bring people closer to different cultures and ways of life, and to develop a mutual understanding for that which at first seems foreign. And, of course, we learn and practise languages.

Coming activities in 2021


Unfortunately, due to the corona, there is no fixed plan for 2021.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to meet our English and French friends again until 2022. But we hope for the best - especially that everyone stays healthy!

We want to use every chance to get one or the other off the ground ...

date open

Spanish guitar music & tapas

End of oct., 2021

No red wine hikedue to the flood disaster, but plans for a hike tour in the Eifel

Nov 19, 2021


General meeting

Honored politician and co-Founder of the twinning died

Whitnash mourns the loss of Tony Heath

As the chairman of the whitnash twinning association, Alistair Macfarlane, tells us, the co-founder of our partnership with Whitnash, Tony Heath, passed away on September 23 after a long illness. He had many friends in Weilerswist and always felt at home here.

He served on the Town council for Whitnash for decades, also as a district councillor and mayor in 2001 and 2007. Current and former councillors, Whitnash administration staff and all those who have met and worked with him over the years mourn his passing.


The Twinning association Weilerswist also expresses its deepest sympathy to his wife Jenny and the whole family on this sad occasion.

Link to the official obituary of Whitnash Town Council:


We mourn Artur Brenig


Long-time former board member has died

After a long illness, Arthur Brenig died at home with his family at the end of May. From 2003 to 2015 he was active on the board of the PG and was responsible for public relations.

Artur Brenig always put people in a good mood in his cheerful way. He liked to use his computer skills for the partnership company. At that time, that was pretty much uncharted territory for many on the Executive Board. Above all, he took a lot of photos early on with a digital camera and archived the club's photos very conscientiously - the current public relations officers still draw from this today.

He was 78 years old and left behind his wife Heidrun and a son.
We are glad that Artur was able to say goodbye to his long illness in peace.

Date still open:

Heiße spanische Rhythmen und leckere Tapas

Das Duo Tierra Negra kommt nach Weilerswist - sobald es wieder möglich ist!


Erstmalig hatte die Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Weilerswist zu einem kulinarischen Konzert in der Gesamtschule Weilerswist eingeladen.


Der Abend sollte mit einem kulinarischen Leckerbissen beginnen:

Zwei verschieden Tapas-Platten von dem ortsansässigen Restaurant „El Rancho“ waren neben spanischen und internationalen Getränken zur Auswahl vorgesehen:

  1. eine große gemischte Tapas-Platte „El Rancho“ inkl. Brotbeilage oder
  2. eine Tapas-Platte mit spanischem Schinken und Käse inkl. Brotbeilage.

Nach dem Essen sollte dann der kulturelle Teil des Abends mit dem Konzert von Tierra Negra stattfinden.



Verschoben ist nicht aufgehoben!


Sobald es wieder möglich ist, soll die Veranstaltung wie geplant stattfinden - daher behalten die bereits gebuchten Plätze ihre Gültigkeit. Natürlich kann jeder auch jederzeit seine Reservierung zurück ziehen und seinen Eintrittspreis zurück erhalten.



Tierra Negra werden ihr neues Konzertprogramm präsentieren:


“Viva la Vida“.


Das bekannte Gitarrenduo spielt neue und bekannte Kompositionen voller Leidenschaft und Unbeschwertheit, die „Viva la Vida“ – die Freude und die Lust am Leben – als gemeinsames Motto haben.


Seit mehr als dreiundzwanzig Jahren sind die beiden Ausnahmegitarristen Raughi Ebert und Leo Henrichs poetische Wandler in musikalischen Traumwelten. Auf ihren Gitarren erzählen sie mitreißende Tongeschichten voller Emotion, Leidenschaft und Lebensfreude. Das Publikum erlebt zwischen hypnotischen Balladen und einem loderndem Rhythmusgewitter das gesamte klangliche Spektrum von Musik. Live und in höchster künstlerischer Präzision dargebracht – handgemacht und ehrlich, packend und emotional. Einfach unvergesslich!

... and the program 2020?

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